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Old dreams

The Sandman, Vol. 10: The Wake - Charles Vess, Michael Zulli, Mikal Gilmore, Jon J. Muth, Neil Gaiman

I was one of those teens. But flicking through this I don't feel nostalgia, but, surprisingly a new respect and appreciation for the dark romantic aesthetic & philosophy. Suddenly I realise the smug contempt I have felt for my former self and the scene was completely misdirected and unfair. After years of being virtually allergic black velvet, I think a little bit of reconciliation is overdue, so I'm glad I picked this up again.

The Sandman series does justice to the variegated delights of gothic sensibility, with diverse characters, supernatural magical realism, zany and sarcastic and sometimes morbid humour, and lots of empathy. The artwork is luscious, and full of thoughtful touches. Some aspects of the storytelling are a bit broad-brush, and sometimes cliches are reproduced or only clumsily challenged, but in general, tasty and satisfying for adults & young adults