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Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning - George Monbiot

The most important teaching in these pages is that there is no coming technofix for climate change: the tech is here, we have the tech, and further developments will only be made if economic pressure throws the awesome power of human ingenuity behind making them. What is needed to create that pressure is political will, nothing else. From economic perspective, Tim Jackson points out more or less the same thing in Prosperity Without Growth.

Monbiot exposes the sneaky tactics (astroturfing, bribing famous people etc) that multinationals use to spread bare-faced malicious LIES about climate change. The doubt-mongers really are paid to spread fake stats and attack environmental campaigners.

He advocates the contraction and convergence strategy and calls for carbon rationing. His reimagining of Britain's transport infrastructure particularly struck my imagination, so much so that my brother painted a picture of it for me...