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The World As I See It - Albert Einstein

This abridged edition of letters, speeches and thoughts aims to paint a picture of Einstein as a humanistic and political commentator, philosopher and activist.

I felt that the extracts should have been dated; I find the de-contextualisation very annoying and patronising. I was surprised by Einstein's conservatism on issues of education, culture and sexism, matching his scientific conservatism. He is particularly luminous and impressive in his addresses to and about Jews and Jewishness, and the visionary project to build a centre for Jews in Palestine.

'I regard it as the chief duty of the State to protect the individual and give him the opportunity to develop into a creative personality'

'It is for us to solve the problem of living side by side with our brother the Arab in an open, generous, and worthy manner. We have here an opportunity of showing what we have learnt in the thousands of years of our martyrdom. If we choose the right path we shall succeed and give the rest of the world a fine example'