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Selected Poems - Stevie Smith

An edited collection of Smith's poems, spanning a huge range of themes, moods and textures, including social commentary gentle and scathing, tributes to animals and protest at their maltreatment, explorations of tensions in religious faith and whimsical forays into myth and fairytale worlds

Smith's poems present to me a mix including pieces I am compelled to read out to my Mamma, and the incomprehensible or seeming trivial. I feel that she is a friend travelling with me, I love her tenderly and miss her humanity on this earth. She found death so friendly and tempting comforting, and it's refreshing to read an author who expresses that; I think the taboo on death in UK culture is a big problem for our mental health. Neil Gaiman did a good job of addressing this for young adults in Death: The High Cost of Living but Smith gives a more adult, and more unsettling perspective.