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I am an anarchist - against all forms of hierarchical domination. I try to be active in deconstructing and dismantling them. Obviously I am anti-racist, feminist etc etc etc



I am trying to decolonise my mind. I am against all forms of imperialism



I am trying to stop thinking in binaries



I love to eat. I have been strictly veggie since age 14 but now try to live mostly vegan. All the reasons apply: global food justice, environment, health, preference. I'm not an evangelist and I recognise how my luxury lifestyle choice is positioned within white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. I love raw vegan desserts, chocolate and anything with coconut like visiting http://www.theppk.com/ and even more http://www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com/



I love dance. I love doing dance and also playing music. I lament that we don't do more of this in community contexts. I used to do capoeira and was in heaven. It's not about showing off, but about fellow-feeling, axe, sharing & the body as a site of pleasure... I also love seeing contemporary dance shows, especially edgy experimental work.



I'm an introvert. But trying to spend more time with folks offline as well as making more contact online. I believe 'without community, there is no liberation'



I always use literature to push and challenge my thinking. I always try to wake up critical consciousness. My political awareness is my lens



I'm an educator. I teach English and science one-to-one. This is such a great job for me! I love my students. I bring my politics to what I do (this doesn't mean indoctrinating kids as should be obvious: my politics is about teaching critical thinking and liberation. It is inimical to violence and coercion)



I'm asexual, but I guess homoromantic/political lesbian. I don't ever want to give birth, but I would like to adopt an older child/teen



I live in London & I love it, but I have itchy feet, and dream of running away and living in a field somewhere, generally when the government unleashes a fresh wave neoliberal bile. Totally impractical fantasy as I'm a clean freak, have an extremely low threshold for physical discomfort and love wearing beautiful clothes.