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Ideas that matter to A C G

Ideas That Matter: A Personal Guide for the 21st Century - A.C. Grayling

I have issues with Grayling's views on religion

In general this is quite a useful book, providing an opportunity to organise odds and ends of knowledge, with introductions to subjects for further reading, even if the book suggestions are at times limited and unimaginative. Grayling is informative, but he is tiresomely pedagogical and does not attempt to resist temptation to irresponsibly condemn things he doesn't approve of, such as Islam, recommend things he does like, such as classics, and state opinions as fact.

My favourite article is the one on philosophy, which he characterises as the birthplace of other fields of knowledge, such as science, which gradually developed its own methodology and was eventually able to break off as a mature, independent field of meaning-making activity.

As a feminist I found his style and a number of his views questionable, particularly on feminism, on which he actually manages to be patronising, and ends by exhorting European women take up cultural imperialist white-saviouring. On vegetarianism (I speak as an aspiring vegan who hasn't eaten meat for fifteen years, for all the reasons you can think of) he is as shockingly lurid as distasteful animal rights group campaigns. Spoilt the mood there, Grayling