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Booklet or Tome = Either in theory. Good reading comes in servings of all sizes. I read on public transport, so weight is an issue. I'm reading The Brothers Karamazov - I manage about 10 pages of an evening in bed so it's taking a while; I've read about 25 other books since starting it! I suffer from a tendency toward convergent thinking so I really struggle with material that doesn't seem purposeful to me, but many books are long 'of necessity'. Ngugi wa Thiong'o's Wizard of the Crow for instance is 800 entirely wonderful pages...


Pre-owned or New = Clean-freak so I prefer fresh, but I buy loads of books from my amazing local charity book shop and I use the library, but the book has to look clean and I always wipe the covers with alcohol gel! I like finding other folks' notes in books though.


Historical Fiction or Fantasy = Maybe erring towards fantasy because I struggle so much to keep any kind of hold on What Really Happened which has immense political import. I've read more fantasy than HF


Hardcover or Paperback = I care about aesthetics and either could be beautiful, but I strongly prefer paperbacks because of weight issues


Funny or Sad = I rarely choose comedies but I love it when a 'serious' book is funny - especially when it's satirical. At the same time, I wouldn't choose a book because it was sad. I don't WANT to suffer, but I'm seeking truth when I read, and if it's sad then let me be sad. Humour often gets the sad point across in a bearable and relatable way


eBook or Print = Irrational preference for paper.


Collecting or Cleaning out = I hate having things I don't use and have limited space, but I have a stash at my parents' house and pass on books into their collection, recommending many to them to read. I currently keep about 3/10 of the books I buy to possibly re-read, the rest go to my amazing charity shop or on to friends.


Internet or Bookstore = I need both. I usually find prize-winners and books by well known authors and also unexpected finds in shops, while more obscure wish-list items have to be sought online. I have regular meet-ups with a bookworm offline friend at the London Review Bookshop which I love - their cafe is amazing, and I never leave without buying a book or three.


Backlist or New publication = All


Best or Bad seller = Agree with Killer Rabbit on this - "If a friend likes the book, that will get my attention. Strangers...not so much."


Cookbook or Baking book = Er I love thinking about cake but I don't eat it much. I just got a book called 'Rawsome Vegan Baking' which is the only 'baking' book I've ever had. I don't really do sugar, butter or flour! I like food books with nice pictures and creative ideas for healthy vegan food as I'm a very competent cook and don't need basics.