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shell pebble

Rain shadow and slate

Time - Terry Friedman

Goldsworthy is an eloquent and generous artist, offering rich insights into his evolving philosophical approach and inspiring contemplative practice. Both the work, and the commentary, develop out of the artist's reflective experience of working with and exploring materials. Thus, it has an extremely broad appeal, conceptually, aesthetically and in terms of skill and mastery. It will be particularly of use to those interested in Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics, and in ecology and the environment.

The focus on time underlines the poignancy and wide ethical resonance of works which embrace the changes wrought by natural processes, on scales from the momentary (the dry shadow formed by a body lying on the grass through a shadow, a handful of sand tossed into the wind) to the geological (cairns built of dry stone) and everything in between (arches made from slabs of ice, leaf-mats woven and released into rivers). Ephemeral, stately, playful, beautiful, surprising, illuminating works fill these pages, richly supported by frank and fascinating diary entries.

This edition is well printed on good paper, of an agreeable size, and it features a superb chronology by Terry Friedman.